Hello, Decentralization.

I'm a full-stack software engineer working in Web3.

I'm focused on building permissionless web applications that interact with decentralized blockchain networks. This means building deterministic programs with smart contracts, the client web applications, and APIs that interact with them.

I'm currently building Alkimiya, the leading decentralized blockspace markets protocol. We are providing markets for longing and shorting blockspace indices like ETH base gas fee and average BTC transcation fee.

I'm spending my free engineering time studying the security pitfalls of Solidity code, and reading over all the vulnerabilities occurring in Defi protocols as well as researching about new advancements and seeing the uprise in zero-knowledge use-case implementations.

My Portfolio

My Experience

I love to collaborate.

Teamwork makes the dream work, we can all support each other to meet our goals and use our collective knowledge to create something unique and innovative. We all have different backgrounds and expertise, both professionally and personally, and the diversity in that creates a much more unified product in the end. I'm happiest working with others that are passionate about what they do and want to make a positive change with technology and are driven to make that happen as much as I am. I feed off that energy and give it back in return.

My Contributions

Levelling Up

I love to learn.

I approach learning as a lifelong pursuit, forever growing in perspective and knowledge that can be applied in compounding ways. I truly enjoy the process of researching into a new area of study and exploring it, practicing it, seeing where it takes me and how it melds in with other areas of study. All of the great minds of our time had an emphasis of continued learning, so there must be good reason to believe it, right?

My Skillset

About Me

I love to create.

In short, I'm a creator and builder, both parts art and engineering. I enjoy the process of making an idea come to life. All you need is to start with a seed, and that through consistent nurture and dedication to an end-goal in mind, it can become something great that can last the test of time, rooted in fertile soil.

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